It's never too late to live out your travel dreams


Welcome, Old Skool Traveler!

Come travel with the "old skool" group of folks that still like to move and groove, we like Old Skool music and we like to travel. While our group is open to anyone, we lean more towards those that are approaching or in their golden years--Baby Boomers. Maybe you have an old soul, or move and groove with an old skool flavor, this may be the group for you.

Don't get it twisted we are active boomers and we can still turn up and we plan to take it to the limits it's now our turn to live out the rest of our lives seeing all those places we used to look at through our ViewMasters or in National Geographics. We are not sitting around waiting for life to pass us by, why would we do that? We jump on plane, trains and automobile to get it done. Need some help? Old Skool Travel Club also assist those with mobility issues if you have the will to travel we have the trips.

If you are an active, like-minded and enjoy kicking it with others boomers kind of person, take a look at the following pages for our upcoming trips and sign up for more information for one or two or all of them. Stop by our "Suggested Trips" page and let us know where you would like to go, it could be a spot we didn't think about.

Please note: We welcome all people of color, nationalities, and beliefs to travel with us, we leave the political issues and the drama at home. Zero tolerance for disrespect towards other, 100 percents respect towards all.

Hope to see you on one of our trips.